Only getting mono on stereo track

I have no problem getting Audacity to open stereo mp3 files that I’ve created using Windows Media Player or Acoustica Spin It Again. However, when I process a mp3 file using Acoustica MP3 CD Burner and render it to file as a new mp3 file, Audacity insists on opening it as a mono recording. Worse, if I edit and save it, Audacity saves it as a mono recording. But I know the imported file isn’t mono because (1) it lists as having 2 channels in the details display of Windows Explorer, (2) I can see and play both tracks using Creative’s Wave Editor, and (3) I can hear the stereo separation when I play the file. So, it really is stereo. Can anybody tell me what’s going on? And how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!!!

OK, here’s some more information. The problem is limited to one batch of files that I processed with Acoustica MP3 CD Burner. Files that I processed earlier can be read OK with Audacity, and a test file I just created can be read. I don’t know if it’s relevant, but the affected batch is very large–575 music files, 2.88 GB total in a single folder. I tried moving one of the problematic files to a different folder, but that made no difference. I opened one of the affected files with Creative WaveStudio and saved it as a mp3 file, and Audacity reads that just fine, i.e., both stereo channels appear. I can open a problem file with Acoustica MP3 CD Burner and render it to file again, and Audacity opens the new file just fine. Comparing waveforms, it is apparent that with the problem files, Audacity is recognizing the left track only and treating it as a mono recording. When I open one of the problem files in Audacity, the pull-down menu that normally offers the choice of stereo mix and microphone goes blank. This appears to be a one-time problem that I can work around, but I’m really curious about what it is that is fooling Audacity into thinking these stereo mp3 files are mono files, when all of my other applications recognize them as stereo files. Anybody have any ideas?

Well, well, well. I just downloaded the beta version of Audacity, and the problem went away. Guess I stumbled onto a bug in version 1.2.6 that has already been identified and fixed.

Sorry about having this conversation with myself on this forum, but maybe it will benefit someone else.