Only able to hear 1st song of a 6 hour recording session

I’m using Windows 7 x64, SP1, Audacity Ver. 2.0.2
Recorded 8 megs worth of music but only able to hear the 1st tune only. Upon opening the file, I observed only the 1st song as been recorded and it is highlighted;
I do not know what I did and I do need help in retrieving my songs… :frowning:

8 MB for the default format of 32 bit float, 44100 Hz sample rate, works out as less than 1 minute for a mono track. :confused:

Thanks Steve… :slight_smile:

Have you worked out what the problem was?

Observed when I do a 3 hour session no problems, so that is what I’ll do in the future…

My guess is that you are using a high sample rate and you are running into this issue:

That’s it Steve…I’m sampling at 96k… :laughing:
Thanks again.