Only 2 or the 4 Meters Are Displaying Input

When I am recording 3 or 4 channels from my mixer I only see levels on 2 of the inputs. If you look at the screen capture you can see that there are 4 inputs but only 2 meters are displayed. I’ve looked through the preferences to see if I’ve screwed something up but can’t find anything. Thanks for the help.

iMac Specs:
iMac Pro (2017 - iMacPro1,2) 3 GHz 10-Core Intel Xeon W, 128 GB RAM, 4TB SSD, macOS Monterey 12.0 Beta Build 21A5506j

Audio Interface:
BEHRINGER Audio Interface UMC404HD connected via USB directly to the iMac

Audacity 3.0.4
Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 11.10.57 AM.png