only 18 minutes left on hard drive

Hello everyone.
I have successfully transfered a good number of old vinyl records to C.Ds but now the programme tells me there is only 18 minutes left on the hard drive, this used to say 40 + hours.
I have a 500 GB external hard drive installed there’s plenty of room there.
What does this mean, would you help me please
All the Best

By default Audacity saves temporary files on the C: drive (Windows)
The exact location can be found by looking in “Edit > Preferences > Directories” (Audacity 1.3.x)
Using an external drive for the temporary files may cause problems if the disk access time is not quick enough.
The best solution is to clear a load of space on your C: drive, then defragment it.

Hello Steve
I have transfered another vinyl record to C.D and now have 299 hours left on the hard drive, so I’m up and running once again.
Thank you Steve for your VERY prompt and Good advice once again.
All the Best to You and All the Audacity Team.

Hi Steve
I am new and not sure how all this works but I am learning. If I get the jist of your message about transferring music to a CD to free up recording hours, I guess you are saying to actually remove some music even though it is stored on a K:// drive. Is that correct?

Another question I have is after recording and editing (labeling tracks) I had a computer glitch (power failure) during export and didn’t save the file. When starting up Audacity again I got a box window saying that I could “manually recover temp files not deleted or saved.” My problem is I don’t know where those temp files are, how to retrieve and save. Can you help me with this?

By default Audacity saves temporary files on the C: drive (Windows).
Most Windows users will have just one internal hard drive in their computer (the C: drive), so it is important to have plenty of free drive space on that hard drive.

Audacity projects should not be moved (or manually changed in any way) unless you are very sure about what you are doing.

For more information, see here:

Crash recovery can be difficult and often fails. Sometimes Audacity will be able to recover the project automatically, and this is great - you just say “Yes” and recovery is usually successful. If Audacity can not recover the project automatically, I will generally give up on it and start again. There are some tools and techniques for manual recovery if you want to try them:

Thanks fiddle man
I tried per your instructions and suggested links but not successful. I will try recording this record one more time and if I encounter any problems then I will not worry about Billy Joel any longer (Hah). I still have about 134G left on my C:// drive so should have plenty of space. Normally when I download to my PC I cut and paste the file to my K:// drive (western storage book) so that I free up “C” drive space. OR is the music still on the “C” drive?
Thanks again I really appreciate your advice.

<<<I cut and paste the file to my K:// drive (western storage book) >>>

We warn people that you can’t easily copy or move Audacity projects. That AUP thing isn’t a sound file. Export As WAV and back up the WAV file to your external drives.