Only 1 of 4 tracks is recognized

I’m trying to record solo guitar with 3 mics and one direct input into the audio interface, however, after I created 4 separate tracks, Audacity is only recognizing Track #1.

What am I doing incorrectly?


Attempting multi-track recording with Audacity :frowning:

Audacity’s competitor OcenAudio is compatible with ASIO drivers (Audacity is not).

I’m intrigued as to the mic placement for recording. I would assume mic 1 for the amp, 2 & 3 the other side of the room for ambience, added to this DI (direct inject) for the dry sound.

Mixing with this set-up presents unlimited mixing opportunities.

Would love to hear the result, perhaps post here.

As for multi-tracking in Audacity. You can - but latency problems beleaguer most people.

Try the Audacity musicians forum - need to scroll down the home page of this forum.

Good luck.