One wrong click and audio recording vanished from timeline?!

Guys please help! I’m recording along, editing, etc. and thought I’d try to insert an audio clip by hitting record within Audacity (i was importing QT files on different tracks and then editing). So I hit the big red record button and BOOM all my waveforms and all audio is gone. Nothing on any of the 4 tracks within the project has anything nor plays. At first I was able to hear something but now it’s just gone. WTF? Can someone help, thank you!

Edit > UNDO? Audacity has a pretty robust UNDO system. It remembers the whole show every time you make an action. There are two downsides: It takes a lot of room and you can only UNDO in order. The upside is each UNDO is independent of all the others.

That help?

It’s generally a bad idea to Record > Edit > Record > Edit > etc. It may be good to follow your mental process and production concepts, but if Something Nasty Happens, you may not be able to back up and recover.

There’s also saving a Project periodically under a unique name. Just saving under one name can give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, but is more brittle and prone to damage.

Projects do not save UNDO.