One track to one instrument or voice

Hi everyone,

I wonder, if it’s possible to assign each track to each voice.

In my case, there are polyphonic recordings and I would like to have each voice in the separated tracks.
Is this possible in Audacity? If not, could you indicate me the program that could do this task?

My OS is LXLE.

Thank you

Not with Audacity.
Possibly with Melodyne by Celemony, however, the software is rather expensive, and it will be very labour intensive (will probably take several weeks of continuous work to separate the instruments of one song).

So free versions aren’t available?

I think they do a 30 day trial, but it’s Windows or Mac OS X.
The full version is about $350 US.
Check their website.

So there is only this program(Melodyne by Celemony) that would allow do this? No other programs that would be free?

There is also the much less sophisticated “Elevayta - Extra Boy Pro”, which is much less expensive and the cut down version “Extra Boy”, but I wouldn’t expect either of these to work very well in most cases.
The “almost free” cut-down version is hidden near the end of the downloads page.
These are also Windows only (VST) and I don’t know if they work with Audacity (I’m on Linux, so I’ve not tested).

You could try ISSE : An Interactive Source Separation Editor - I gave you a cached URL because SourceForge is offline at present.

You can always use your favourite search engine yourself to look for alternatives.


thank you