One song of 20 plays

Audio Editor and Recorder: Audacity 2.1.0
OS: Windows 8.1 64x
Sound card: Sound blaster ZxR

Source Audio Files: MP3 music files on Windows 8.1 file system

Purpose of use: As of now, I use Audacity to make gapless, seamless playlist.

Issue: No sound after first song finish playing


Using the File > Export Audio (MP3) function seems to render all the songs into one large file (which is what I want.) when I playback the rendered MP3 file, only the first song plays. After the first song it’s just dead air.
After I click the save button, I get the option of “2 channel Stereo” I accept all defaults (I just want to hear the music) – and have not made any changes to preferences.
If I select apply chain to project, it exports to MP3 and then all songs in the mix will play. I could live with that method, but unless I’m doing something wrong (highly possible) if I’m not happy with a mix, I can’t go back to that project and move files around on the time line.

If you import songs they are in Audacity tracks on top of each other.

So if you want them to play one after the other you have to string them out one after the other along the Timeline. But if you want that I don’t understand why you are talking about a “mix”.

If you mute any tracks they are not exported.

Is the MP3 not exported with a Chain the correct length for all the songs? It may help to import that exported MP3 back into Audacity then you can see better what the problem is.