One objective of a forum is to help create better FAQs

The forum is a place to discuss, educate and resolve issues. You then would use these discussions to create better FAQs. I suggest that be done. Keep adding to the FAQ list.

If you have a suggestion for a new FAQ, or improved text for an existing FAQ, please feel free to submit your idea. As this isn’t about maintaining the Forum, it may be best to submit your ideas to our feedback address .

We already do review user feedback as input to develop and maintain the FAQ’s.

However the FAQ’s are already a long list and there are already a number of candidates for new FAQ’s. I don’t envisage a huge expansion in the number of FAQ’s.


Hi Gale,

I agree with you, a huge FAQ defeats the point of efficiently finding solutions/answers. It would better to have a FAQ searchable so that for instance, “album art” would bring up relevant FAQs. I could not find that in FAQ using “album art” and to try finding it on the forum using those 2 key words was a struggle.

About ideas in a better FAQ
"If you have a suggestion for a new FAQ, or improved text for an existing FAQ . . . "
What platform are you using for your CMS? I am willing to assist to better organize if that would be of help.

We could do with a search box in the online Manual (we are working on it when we can).

Meantime you can use this link to search:

and replace “album art” with what you want to search for.

We use MediaWiki ( ) .