One mic recording in stereo the other through mono

I’m having an issue where im recording with two xlr mics through an akai eie audio interface through audacity
but one of the mics is recording in stereo while the other is only recording in mono (this is also the case during playback).
I’ve already updated the preferences in the devices tab and set it to “2 (stereo) Input Channels” but the problem
still persists. I’ve checked the inputs on the interface as well and made sure that the levels are exactly the same on both mics and i’ve also checked that both are secured tightly…hopefully someone knows what’s going on? :confused:
im using ver 2.0.3

If you want left and right with an XLR connection won’t you have to connect to either 1 and 2 or 3 and 4? What are the make and model numbers of the mics?

You can’t record more than one of those pairs in any case, if you only have a maximum of 2 channels in Device Toolbar. To record four simultaneous channels (which you could make into two stereo pairs) you may have to compile Audacity with ASIO support .