One-hour long WAV file compressed in 13 min. How to fix it?

This file is from an interview I did. The other files in the same device work well, but this particular one says it is a 75 MB, but when trying to play nothing happens. I tried to import the raw data and what I get is equivalent to 13 min and seemed compressed, sounding very fast and high pitched, with noise. The file is supposed to have a sampling rate of 48 khz. I tried to change the sample rates when importing the data and with lower rates I get the voice sounding a bit better but with a lot of noise. I imagine there is a lot of work using filters, etc. that can be done to rescue this file, but I imagine there is an easier way to do it. Any idea will be highly appreciated, thanks!

What do you mean that nothing happens when you import it normally (not using Import raw)? Do you see blue waves? If the file imports into Audacity in some fashion, try downloading “MediaInfo” from . Get the version without installer, because the installer may have malware or adware. MediaInfo will tell you what format and codec the file is.

Then try downloading the optional FFmpeg library from . FFmpeg may be able to import the file normally.

If all you can do is import raw then you may need to experiment with different encodings or offsets. Don’t forget to set mono or stereo correctly - this may make a difference to the speed of the file.