One file turned into 110 "e00" files. Help.

I am using Audacity 2.x and I have Windows 7.

I dragged an audio file from my phone, onto my PC, and it turned this one audio file into 110 e00 files. They each play about 6 seconds of the audio that I recorded. They also were in no particular order. After spending about 3 hours, trying to cut/paste to get everything in its right order, I still had about 50 audio files to comb through. This process is too difficult. There has to be a way to take all of these e00 files (e.g. e00000e6 e0000e03 e0000dbe) and put them into their correct order, without tediously combing through them.

If anyone knows any way to take these 110 AU Format Sound Files (.au) and turn them back into 1 sound file that I can import with Audacity, that would save me so much time and grief.

Thanks for checking. I hope I can find help on this.

Instead of trying to open the individual AU files, open the AUP (project) file and they will all be put in the right order for you.

Please see:

– Bill

It’s official, I’m an idiot. Oh man. I have the .aup files, but I didn’t see them. Now everything is in its proper order. I just had to recheck. Thanks for the reminder (shakes head at self)

Sorry, but I don’t understand how you make. Can you explain step by step, please? I will be very grateful. Thank you very much

What is it that you need help with?

Thanks for your question.
When I recorded a file on the audacity program, the program created a folder with the name I gave and with the extension xxx_data, and created a sub folder within this folder d00 and e00. In this file the audacity turned this one audio file into 70 e00 files with the same date and minutes, so I don’t know which file is the first. I want to know how can I put them into their correct order, or if there is any other way to open the file only once, instead of open file by file?
Can you explain step by step because I’m really basic in computers?

This is very important to me because the file that is recorded in an old cassette with 30 years old and when I was recording the tape with the audacity, the tape messed up.
Thank you very much

@pedrosilva: see the link that Bill posted earlier in this thread.

Ok. Thank you.