One Drive was full and now I have over 4000 orphaned files for my project

I am a first time user of audacity. I had everything set up and recorded the first episode of my podcast (47 minutes) and one drive came up saying it was full.

I was unaware of it saving to OneDrive until it was too late unfortunately, but I added more room. Unfortunately, the next thing I see is a message saying I have 4000+ orphaned files in audacity, which I now know is my entire recording in individual files.

What is the easiest (I am sure it is time consuming regardless) way to put this back together? I am also wondering if it is even possible, or if I am stuck and have to re-record the episode. I do not know much when it comes to this area of dealing with computers so please make it simple lol.

Thanks so much!

Unless somebody argues with me, I think the show is toast.

Do Not use cloud drives for live production. Past the problem you have, there are timing problems when you’re trying to record or play in real time. Cloud connections don’t do real time.

Cloud storage is terrific for backing up your work as a protection copy in case the cat knocks over your laptop, not so good to make the work in the first place.

If you’re obsessive enough and the show is really important, double record it.

That was a radio broadcast I shot for the company. Everything to the left of the orange microphone is me and Audacity recording the show. That Rode thing on the right is the client’s recorder making a duplicate copy.

This can be as complicated as leaving your phone running in one of the sound recording apps on your desk.