One channel Stereo track has a much lower volume than other


I am using windows vista Basic and Audacity

I recently imported a Stereo MP3 and when I tried to fix the Audio, I noticed the Left channel was half as loud than the Right …
Is there a way to fix only the left channel without touching the Right Channel :question: PS I Also have Audacity Installed on my Desktop that has Windows 10,


Does it sound out-of-balance? Usually the channels will look similar but don’t just go by how the waveform looks. The peaks don’t correlate perfectly with perceived loudness.


  • There is a little drop-down arrow to the left of the waveforms. Click that and then click “Split Stereo Track”. That will allow you to edit the left & right channels separately.

  • Click & drag to select the entire waveform that you want to change. Use the Amplify effect to boost the volume.

Try Audacity 2.1.x.

Thank-you Doug…And yes the Volume peaks are way out of sync…you can see the louder Right Channel and the very Low Left channel… and thanks I will try the your suggestion…Stephan