One Button recording

Dear all,
I want to do an audio installation where somebody can press one button and audio is recorded as long as the button is pressed. Once it’s released the audio file is written to a folder. I guess that’s not really possible with Audacity, right?
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I guess that’s not really possible with Audacity

Not that I know of, no. That’s one of the odd applications such as Surveillance Recording where Audacity has to do all the jobs automatically and in real time. Audacity won’t do that, either.


Audacity does not have that ability built in, but if you know any Python then it would be possible to create a Python app to control Audacity to do what you want. See “Scripting” in the manual:

What kind of computer / device do you want to do this on? I don’t mean the OS per se, but a desktop? a laptop? or a small device like a Raspberry Pi? And are you open to non-Audacity solutions?

And would it be OK (I think it would be much better) to record directly to a file? This would be “quite simple” (the quotes mean I think, but you can never be sure) with Linux tools like arecord and pretty much any scripting language to handle the key press and key release events.