One album track silent - Export problem?

Hi All - I have ripped 2 vinyls thus far with Audacity 2.2.2 (until I can sort out 2.3.3 download issue). The first RIP went fine…exported WAV files…imported file folder to I-Tunes…converted to ALAC…all plays well on ipod. However, on the second album rip, all went well except one song in album list in Itunes shows 0.00 time with no audio…iTunes playback just skips that song and plays the next song in the order. The songs play in Audacity from ‘project’ file just fine. All songs were labeled and Exported (multiple option) together as WAVs to a laptop folder and then the entire folder was imported to library using iTunes. I entered most medidata info individually in iTunes (pain) Is this a 2.2.2 bug? Should I just try to Export project files as WAVs again and re-import to iTunes? Apology for long post. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Does the WAV play in Windows Media Player?

All songs were labeled and Exported (multiple option) together as WAVs

Sometimes “things can go wrong” like an invalid file name etc. Try highlighting that problem song, then “Export Selected Audio”.

Hi DVDdoug - Thanks for your reply. No, I get the same result in Windows Media Player. The song shows on the list with 0.00 time and WMP just skips that song and plays the next selection. The song only plays in the Audacity ‘project’ file. I will try exporting the selected song from the ‘project’ file to WAV. If that works, I can then import it to iTunes and add it the rest of that albums song. Am I understanding your suggestion correctly?

Lesson learned here as well…I forgot to save the edited ‘project’ file as a single WAV…I only saved the unedited ‘project’ file rip and the single WAVs (16 bit) that I imported to iTunes. I hope this process gets quicker…I have lots of albums to rip…LOL!!