OncePlayStop doesn't play back

The macro shown above does not play back my Audio.

I began with a one-line macro that contained just the OncePlayStop command, and that ran.
I tried another one-liner with just the Play command, and that ran.
At that point I thought that I understood the commands - they let me hear the audio on my track

Then using the Tools, Macro pane, I inserted the OncePlayStop command at the end of my processing macro (on the grounds that once I have processed a track I may as well play it back to see how it sounds), and the macro does not end playing back the track.
Same thing if I insert “Play”.

I suspect that there is something i have misunderstood about these Play* commands.

Question: Once I have some sort of effects-macro working, I ought to be able to play back the track as part of the macro, so the user can hear how the track sounds?

AA_shortplay.txt (30 Bytes)
AA_eraseme1.txt (7 Bytes)
AA_eraseme.txt (65 Bytes)

Instead of step 1, make a time selection (the start and end time that you want to play).

Thank you, Steve. I have now slapped my forehead repeatedly, for I abide by the Theory Of Life philosophy that dictates "“GoTo, Select, Action” on the grounds that if you don’t “select” properly, your actions will be futile or incorrect. :blush:


“CursTrackStart:” is superfluous as “SelectAll:” resets the cursor position.

Indeed yes; overlooked owing to the pain in my palm and my forehead. I slapped that “SelectAll” in quickly to check that I had it right so that I could rush to thank you.
Once I write my optimizing compiler of Audacity scripts :smiley: , redundant commands will be a thing of the past.