On MacBook pro first 5 seconds of mixdown crackling [SOLVED]


I’ve reviewed the earlier posts from this year regarding the popping and crackling heard within the first five seconds of a mix and render.
I, too, have a Macbook pro with the Mavericks operating system.

But has there been a resolution to the problem? As was inferred, the popping and crackling seems to be eliminated when all the audio tracks are lined up.
I tried that and, yes, the popping and crackling is not evident on that mix down.

Alas, however, that defeats the whole design of my project.

Has there been any more insight into this problem? It is a rather bizarre bugger.

Thank you!

Thanks for researching the problem.

Have you tried generating silence into the entire white space before the track starts? To do that, click in the audio itself, J to move to the start of the audio, SHIFT + HOME to select from there to time zero, then Generate > Silence… .

Or if some of the tracks have audio starting at zero, try dragging those tracks to the top.

Or you can use Windows if you have a licence. You can dual boot Windows 7 or later and Mac using Boot Camp.

Or you can try going back to 2.0.2 or 2.0.3, assuming you are using 2.0.5. Older versions are here: https://code.google.com/p/audacity/downloads/list?can=4&q=mac .


Thanks, Gale.

Generating the silence did the trick! And it’s funny because I was pondering a solution
that would involve starting all my sound files seven seconds ahead.

Molto bene, grazie!

Many, many thanks!

I am grateful.

Thanks. I will mark this [SOLVED] in terms of the symptoms, then.

Though we don’t know why this happens only on Mac.