Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

Hi, I have a mini Olympus digital voice recorder that has information I need. It has a lot of backround noise ( Plane over head/washer/dryer/refrig ect.ect.) that I need to remove. The speaker on the unit is dead. The recorder only has a ear phone jack for out put. Can anyone walk me through how to do this??

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Olympus digital voice recorder


It has a lot of backround noise

By that you mean the voice is unintelligible unless we help it along.

information I need.

You’re going to need to get a lot closer than that. Male voices?

You rung a number of alarm bells so far. If you can’t tell us exactly what the job is, I’m going to close this thread. It may not make any difference anyway. We can’t do forensics. If you can’t tell what the voices are saying on earphones, chances are very good the software can’t either.


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The voices are there and I can hear the voices just fine. It’s just the noise of the plane flying overhead or when the washer/dryer clicks on drowns out the voices and I can’t hear all the words so that’s why I would like to clean up all unwanted backround noises My main question is: Do I need to burn the file from the recorder to a disk so I can clean it in this Audacity program or can I do it right from the recorder ear phone jack?

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If the drowning out the voices happened with one single motor noise or one constant air conditioner whine, we’d have a fighting chance, but if the noise is moving or changing in any way, the tools stop working. Also, Noise Removal in particular depends on you being able to find a segment of noise by itself to use as a sample.

The one sentence explanation: Noise Removal uses the contents of the profile to figure out what to remove from the show. Stop. That’s what it does. So you need a sample of the airplanes and washer/dryer alone and neither one can be moving or changing.

You might be able to make a little headway with the telephone filter. Effect > Hi Pass Filter (300Hz), and Effect > Lo Pass Filter (3000 Hz). Human voices are concentrated between those two frequencies whereas interference tends to be indiscriminate.

The phrase, “there’s so much interference that we can’t hear the voices,” is usually the death sentence. Where was the recorder? In the washer which is why the speaker died?

Oh, one more. Audacity does nothing in real time. You need to transfer the work to your computer. Headphone out is usually too powerful for the Mic-In on your laptop and you have to turn off all the Windows Enhanced Services – although on second thought, maybe you should leave them running. They might help to filter out the trash.


Make sure the volume control on the player is almost off before you try recording in Audacity.