OLD voice recordings

I have some mp3 files that are converted from OLD recordings (1950 - 1968 time period).
I do not have the original recordings, only the MP3s. The voice is almost un-intelligible. I can suppress the background noise, but the actual voice is boomy.
Is there a way that these can be punched up so that they are at least somewhat more intelligible?
I am not a recording engineer or forensic engineer (might require that type of knowledge).

You have two strikes. Old recordings, and MP3. MP3 is not a generic sound format. It’s a personal music player and internet posting format. It causes sound damage to whatever it touches. I should say it causes additional damage.

If you got it down to a boomy voice, you may be able to help with Analyze > Plot Spectrum and Effect > Equalization. We’ll help you step through them, but those are not beginner tools.