Old panasonic IC digital voice recorder


I have an old panasonic IC digital voice recorder, that I would like to get to work through a TOS optical connection, I have brought a coax to optical convertor, and this has not worked, does anybody know why? I know this is possible somehow, can anybody help me out.

Digital Voice Recorders, at least so far, have their own proprietary sound format. You can’t just dump them into any sound editor. See if you can find the software package it came with. Google your brains out–unless you already have it.


This is a panasonic rr qr200 I don’t think they come with any software packages, it’s not usb, you have to connected it by a jack lead, or a digital phono lead.

It records though a coaxial lead in audacity, through a mono adapter.

I’m not ignoring you. I have zero idea.

You need to narrow this down. Are you able to get the coax to optical converter to work with anything? Was there any software supplied with it? Quite a few CD players have coax digital, so if you have, or are able to borrow one, then you could experiment with that to discover if the problem lies with the converter or the voice recorder. Does Audacity list the converter in the list of available recording devices (in Audacity 1.3.x look in “Help > Audio Device Info”)