Old mic no longer records

I have been using an old mic of mine to record various things for the past few months. (And it worked just like that, when I plugged it in simply back then) It was only until recently that my sister needed to record something too. So I unplugged and let her use it (and she plugged it into her own comp). She encountered a problem where she was unable to record on Audacity. I plugged it into my comp and turns out that I can no longer record either. I’ve tried setting the Preferences and found that it was to no avail. I use Vista and I’ve even tried recording on other programs like PhotoStory and it won’t record either. I have redownloaded the latest Audacity and found that it doesn’t work either.
I hope I’ve included enough details to let you figure out what’s wrong. Thank you :smiley:

We need to know the microphone type, model numbers and how you have it connected.

Are either of you on a Windows laptop?