Old man, occasional user, needs a reminder re: How To...

Version 2.0.5

It’s been so long that I have forgotten how to do something, which is to add 30 seconds of silence to the end of an audio file.

The end result is, everything I try, the 30 (or any number) seconds replace the audio file.

I open an mp3 file. It plays just fine.
I edit>move cursor>to end of track.
I generate>silence>enter 30 seconds.
The 2.6 second mp3 clip is replaced by 30 seconds of silence.

I tried selecting all after moving the cursor to end of track, but that made no difference.

What have I forgotten to do?

Don’t select all. Just move the cursor to the end, then generate silence.
If you select audio, then generate silence, the selected audio is replaced by silence.

I did it without selecting all first.

I’m on Windows , but I think the procedure will be identical on Audacity on a Mac …
Demo of add-silence to end in Audacity.gif

Yes, that is what I did. So it’s not my mind. I guess I’ll dl the newest version and should fix my problem.