Old guy, new tech!

I’m quite a newbie to this technology, and hoping I can copy some old LP’s to my computer, to use on my iPhone. I have a macbook air that is on the current mac OS Ventura, I’m going to connect an Audio - Technica turntable model AT-LP60 USB using a USB B to USB C cable. I started looking at the complexity of recording options, and it’s a bit intimidating. Does anyone know if this software program is right for this application, and if the sound will come through my laptop speakers as I’m in the process?

I’m a Windows user, but your set-up should work fine. Most of these “simple” USB audio devices are class-compliant so they are plug-and play with the Microsoft-supplied and Apple-supplied drivers, and whatever comes with Linux.

If all goes well, you just need to select the USB device as your recording device and then click Record.

You’ll probably need to adjust the levels after recording and split the songs into individual files, etc.

With USB you may not be able to adjust the recording level because the analog-to-digital converter is built-into the turntable and the turntable doesn’t have an analog level adjustment. But digital recording levels are not critical as long as you are not clipping (distorting from a signal that’s too “hot”).

As long as there are no “glitches” your choice of recording software doesn’t affect quality. But if you want to reduce/remove clicks & pops, or apply other effects, the software can make a difference.

There are several Tutorials in the user manual.

Thanks for the reply Doug. I will give it a try.

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