Old AUp files load wrong

hi all. I am going through an old hard drive of song ideas i recorded back in 2008-2010 era. All the files are there. When i open the project, audacity loads fine, the old tracks are all there and populate as well, but when playing the tracks they are all out of sync and in the wrong spots. Some tracks come in early, others are slightly late. Its really odd considering they were definitely all in time years ago. I’m using a Windows 10 PC and running the latest version of Audacity 3.3.3. Can someone tell me if they have experienced this before?
I really hope i don’t have to re-align all of the tracks.

There has been a change in project format with Audacity 3.0; does your project open correctly in 2.x versions? You can find older Audacity versions here: Old Audacity versions download

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Ah true!
Yeah it opened with no issue 2.x versions.
Ill give the older versions a go. Thank you :slight_smile:

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