Old Audacity versions, correct release dates? / info...

I am wondering are the release dates on this list of downloadable previous versions of Audacity corrent?, seen here:

For example v. 1.3.2 released 30th October 2006, then v 1.2.6 released 16th November 2006, then 1.3.3 released 18th May 2007.

Another example v 1.2.3 released 19th November 2004, then v 1.3.0 released 19th November 2005, then v 1.2.4 29th November 2005.

I can make sense of why/how the releases would go like that?, I’m pretty certain all of the release date information is wrong?, unless there’s some reason?

Is it also correct that verion 1.0.0 and all releases before did not even have a “speed change” function?, which was only introduced for the first time in 1.2.0 ?


Do you own that site? It is nothing to do with us. 1.x versions of Audacity receive no support on this Forum, please see the pink panel at the top of this page.

If you require obsolete versions of Audacity for some specific reason, I recommend obtaining them from our recommended source http://www.oldfoss.com/Audacity.html.

1.2.x was a “stable” series of Audacity running alongside a 1.3.x “beta” series. With Audacity 2.0.x we only have the one “stable” series.

If you read the README.txt shipped with the current 2.1.0 version of Audacity that functions as a changelog.


No I don’t own the website, I came across it a couple of years ago, I’m just wondering if you can shed some light on the release dates, surely they can’t be correct? eg. 1.2.6 being released 1 month after 1.3.2.
I’m just trying to figure out which version I used to edit a few things quite a few years ago…

The dates look to be about right. The overlap between 1.2.x and 1.3.x was because 1.3.x was a “beta” series that was developed in parallel with the 1.2.x “release” series.
Development of the 1.2.x series ended in around 2008 and the final beta version was 1.3.14 (December 2011). The next version was developed from the 1.3.x branch and was the first of the 2.x series (2.0.0 March 2012). The current release version is 2.1.0 and is available via the Audacity website: http://web.audacityteam.org/download/

OK thanks Steve, it went over the top of my head when Gale posted that ‘series’ meant all 1.3.x’s were Beta, that odd order of release dates make sense now.
I always keep up with the new versions, but have been trying to work out which I used on a project about 6 years ago, pretty sure I have it all sorted now!

If you saved Audacity projects, then you can open the AUP file to see the last version of Audacity that edited that project. See “audacityversion” in the “project” row in the AUP file.


Thanks Gale, but it’s been some time now, don’t have anything left but the audio files on my PC, edited on my old PC transferred to my laptop and now back to a new PC, but I have tried the old 1.2.6 download from that website, and made a speed change (the same as my old project notes) to one of the old raw original pre-edit files I still have which used in the project, and comparing samples with my project from 2009 the samples match!, so I now know it had to be a 1.2.x version, as the EAC WAV Compare samples match, 1.3x and 2x create different dither samples to 1.2x so I know it had to be 1.2x I used, and by memory I was already sure I was using 1.2.6 back then, so I’m sure I have it figured out!, and used the correct settings I was hoping I was using back then!