OKQ8 Sound


I’m trying to edit a movie from this year’s mountain hiking and is in its final stages.
Now it’s just some music to be added and then ill be done. I’ve found a song that is performed with a special sound, I would describe it as a little old-fashioned sound. But after a long period of trial and error, I turn to you.
Can you help me, how should I bend eq to get a similar sound?

“Road song”, performed by Flaming Wheels. Here featuerd in a commercial for OKQ8.

Thank you

You should probably get us the music and we’ll see what we can do with it. The final outcome will be equalization settings versus the existing quality of the work. You can’t do equalization in a vacuum.


How do I send you the song?

The audacity equaliser has an “amradio” (AM radio) preset curve, (you may have to apply it twice).

Try a harmonic generator to add the distortion … http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Audio/Audio-Plugins/Harmonic-Generator.shtml
[ “Leveller” (in “Effects”) may be worth a try, but even on “light” setting it’s a bit too strong for this AM radio simulation)

Radio tuning sounds are available from freesound.org, … http://www.freesound.org/search/?q=radio+tuning

Oh, did not know you could attach stuff. Well if we use the same sampel as in the commercial.
Ill attach it

That has an unusual frequency spectrum* with a big dip around 1000Hz and a big peak at 3500 …

You could use Audacity’s equalizer to replicate this weird frequency response on your recording.

The track has some hiss which you could add via audacity’s “generate” “noise”, (example attached).

[* see Audacity “analyse”, “plot spectrum” ]