OK Installing Audacity and Lame to D:\ Drive?

Hey hi —

My laptop has a relatively small Solid State hard drive C:\ on which space has become a concern.

I want to uninstall Audacity from C:\ — C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity — and re-install on the D:\ in D:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity. I assume I will do the same with Lame, with it going into D:\Program Files (x86)\Lame For Audacity

Is there anything wrong with this plan? Any installation steps I should be wary of?

Thanks for any comments / discussion!

Jim in Maine

Uninstalling Audacity or other apps and reinstalling them to D:\Program Files (x86) should not be a practical problem from the point of view of Windows, but I would actually not call the folder in D:\ “Program Files (x86)”, just in case that triggers some obscure issue in Windows.

Bear in mind that you will lose the speed gain of launching apps from a fast SSD, and you won’t save much space. You could leave Audacity installed in C:\Program Files (x86) and in Audacity, open Edit > Preferences…, “Directories” section and change the Audacity temporary directory to somewhere on D:. This will save you significant space on C:.

You can move the complete C:\Program Files (x86) folder to D:\Program Files (x86) without uninstalling and reinstalling apps or creating conflicts if you afterwards create a symlink to the new location of Program Files (x86). To do that, open an Elevated Command Prompt and type:

mklink /J "C:\Program Files (x86)" "D:\Program Files (x86)"

Or you could do it with SymMover.