Offline use question

My home computer is a i5 / Windows 10 which is kept offline. I downloaded Audacity on a library computer to a USB stick and installed it on my home PC. It worked fine for two days then stopped. I have installed / uninstalled it a half dozen times with the same results. My question - Is Audacity one of those softwares that needs to go online to the mothership to stay operational ? I also tried installing it to the USB stick with same results. I personally feel many softwares are designed to contact the homebase to report (spy) on the user and if they can’t they stop working. Thank Microsoft for my cynicism.

No. Audacity does not need to go on-line (and doesn’t go on-line).

You would only need an Internet connection if you installed a version of Audacity without the manual, in which case you would need Internet to access the on-line version of the manual ( The recommended “.EXE” installer includes the manual, so no Internet connection is required.

What do you mean “stopped”?

Did you download Audacity via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Download for Windows
That page links to FossHub, who are Audacity’s sole download partner. We cannot guarantee the validity of software from other websites.

If steve’s download link doesn’t solve the problem, I’d suggest you also try the portable version that doesn’t need installation.

Probably best not. The portable version does not include the manual, so Internet access would be required to view any of the help pages.
Better that we find out what the problem is with the installed version.