Off Pitch and Clicking while overdubbing? Version 2.3.0


I am hoping someone can help me. I have been trawling the advice on the internet and have tried many things but have not found anyone talking about the problem I am having, specifically. I appreciate that it may be my inexperience so, you know, go easy on me.

The problem I am having is that when I try to record an overdub onto an existing track one of two thigs happen. 1 The track I am playing to has clicking and buzzing (even though it sounds great when played just to listen to) and/or is off key. 2 The actual sound I hear for the track I am trying to lay down is as described in 1. It is an either or situation. I started with an earlier version of Audacity and went through a number of fixes which did not help, even though it worked perfectly when I downloaded it 2 yrs ago) and eventually binned it and went for the latest version but the problem, as described, persists.

Having ‘fixed’ the syncing issue in the previous versions I have not had to fix the current version for this, as everything is in sync. When I listen to the two tracks together after I have laid them down even though it was messed up (pitch wise) while recording it sounds in tune and in time when playing it back. This is majorly annoying as I cannot sing in tune when the guitar is sounding like its coming from behind a wall after a child has been playing with the pegs or vice versa.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated. I hope I have described my issues sufficiently well for someone to recognise them.

Thank you

Check that the “sample rate” is the same in:

  1. The “Project Rate” setting (bottom left corner of the main Audacity window)
  2. The “recording device” settings in the Windows Sound Control Panel
  3. The “playback device” settings in the Windows Sound Control Panel