Off beat! Help!

Ever since I download the new 1.3 beta version, I realized that my vocals were off rhythm after recording over an intrumental. To correct this problem I would have to use the Time Shift tool. But it would make it so much easier if the program automatically adjusted to the correct timing.

In the stable version of Audacity, the timing was exact and my vocals automatically adjusted after each recording session. But why doesn’t that happen in the beta. How can I correct the issue without having to manually adjust my track to the correct timing?

This response is quite late, I just started using this forum.

I’ve experienced timing issues as well, but I’m still using version 1.2.6., so it may not be because of the new version. I think it’s just a bug. I close down Audacity, restart my computer and the problem is usually gone. Don’t know why it happens, but it definitely hurts when you lay down a great take and find it’s not in sync with the rest of the tracks. I basically have to restart and record again.

My solution is certainly not an ideal one, especially in those cases that you have to lose a good take, if anyone else knows why this happens and has a better solution, I’d be interested as well.

Yeah Ive had trouble with this too. It pisses me off. I put the mic close to the speaker and in the playback I can hear the instrumental thats supposed to be under the vocals slowly get off time and I hear two separate instrumentals going on (the playback and the recording in its process).

Somebody else must have noticed this?!? They really need to fix it.

uh oh its…,

You have a completely unrelated problem. Your issue is that your sound card hardware has a less-then-stellar clock. Try recording at a different sample rate and see if that helps. I think that most cheaper cards run at 48000 Hz natively, so they’ll work best at that clock rate.

If you want to completely eliminate the problem, you need a nicer sound card. This is not a software problem.

No shit? Thanks. Imusta sounded like a stupid jack ass. Ill work on it.