Odds Qs about re-submitting for ACX

Is it possible to re-submit books that are already out in the public domain (recently released)? One of the characters in this book has a very soft whisper-like voice that the author and I both recognised might have issues. However, ACX approved it, but because of the book’s first review the author wants me to magically fix this either through tweaking levels or re-recording. Is it possible to even do that?

Would the author and I have to go through the whole audition - production - review process again?

My opinion is ACX is going to say no. Can you imagine the fuss when somebody complains their audiobook purchase sounds worse than the one their neighbor bought?

You can certainly reshoot it and fix it, but it’s only going to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling—and it’s not going to match your edit master.

They might let you reissue it as a New and Improved Second Edition.

It’s worth contacting them. You’re tilling virgin soil.

Post back when you figure it out.


Thanks for the advice. I’ve emailed ACX and waiting to see what they say.