Odd window behavior

Running Audacity 2.1.1 with Mac OS X 10.11.1 Beta (15B38b)

When I close a file, a blank white area remains on the screen where the Audacity window was, and this persists until I open a new file or Quit.

Here’s what it looks like with this forum open underneath it:

Hi tubegeek,

Just a reminder for others that Audacity does not support Beta OS’es. They are only for testing.

Are you saying you see that white rectangle only after using COMMAND + W, or is that white rectangle the remains of some dialogue that was once open?

On 10.11 (the released El Capitan) Audacity dialogue windows often appear initially as black rectangles for me before loading. Do you see that in 10.11.1, or does anyone else see it in 10.11?