Odd request for a pro noise reductionist.

Hello all.
Hopefully someone will be able to help me with this very odd request.
I have a sound file I transferred from an Ipad using memo software to listen to a certain persons conversations unnoticed.
I had a reason to believe this personw as talking to someone innapropriately so decided to do so snooping.
I tried my best to pull out all the noise and static and pull out the voices in the wav file but Im not very good at all when it comes to doing that type of thing.
I was able to pull out, or listen to carefully and decode what I think is a conversation. One is the person int he room the other on that person cell phone.
Its a short sample, but from what I heard this was the conversation:
(a muffled) Hello (female)
(a man on the phone is heard because the earpiece is loud) When can is get some P***Y?
(female) You dont ask me that.
After that it gets pretty bad with banging and of doors or something Im not sure.
What I REALLY need is for someone to pull out all the static and noise and bring forward the people in the conversation.
I would be eternally grateful for anyone who coudl do this for me as its very important to a certain relationship.

file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/arnfjm3jkf4zz24/noisy%20convo.zip

help me with this very odd request.

It’s not odd. The forum gets requests like this on occasion.
Audacity has no good tools to “clean up” or “pull voices” out of trash and bad recordings. If you can’t clearly understand what’s being said, then we can’t help you.

That and it’s forum policy not to manage law enforcement and surveillance questions.


Understood. Thanks for the information.
Any ideas where I might go to get this done?
I really appreciate it.

You need the services of an audio forensics expert.
If this matter involves suspected criminal activity, you may be best to contact the police, but be aware that recording someone without their knowledge or consent is itself an offence in many countries.