Odd and annoying clicking noise in recordings

Hello, as of lately, I been encountering clicking/popping noises in my recordings. I’ve been using my whole setup for almost a year, with the mic being about a year older, and this seems to be just a recent issue. I’m using a BLUE Snowball microphone with my iMac and running Audacity as the recording software. I never mess with any setting in the program besides the input volume at 75%, as its been for the past year. Its also noteworthy to mention I use a separate computer to capture game footage so no other programs on my iMac are running. Not exactly sure why this is happening, but maybe somebody could help before I aimlessly and probably stupidly buy a new mic. :confused:

If the clicking is at regular intervals, then the problem is probably not the mic.

Before going any further, shut down your computer completely and do a “cold re-boot”.

If you have lots of software that automatically starts when you start the machine like Skype or Chat, don’t let it do that, or close them when they start.


Thanks for the reply,

In regards to steve, it starts up a few minutes into recordings and only happens we I’m speaking, not during an silent moments.

In regards to Koz, nothing runs while I do a recording, I make sure everything is shut off prior to when I start.

The only thing I have done since then is update my Audacity to the most recent version. I noticed it was Audacity 0.6.1 so the might be the problem? I hope so. Anyway I’ll be running the mic while chatting with some friends online so I’ll see if it fixed itself.

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t/isn’t a 0.6.1. Get the latest Mac version (2.1.1) from here.



So as of today I did an normal recording and hoped for the best. It actually worked! So here is what I did differently…

•I turned off my screensaver temporarily to never. I actually think this might have caused the problem since it booted on after ten minutes, around the time the pops started.

•Used the new updated version of Audacity

•Used a different USB port on the iMac

•Turned off Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Drive, and Wi-Fi

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I hopeful its fixed permanently now! :smiley: