Octave lower when recording?

Hey guys, thanks in advance for the help!

So here’s what’s going on…whenever I have one track already down, whether it’s recorded or a click track, the next track that I record is a whole octave lower than the first. The audio is clipped, choppy, and not in sync with the first track. This is a new problem, and I haven’t added any software or changed any settings.

I’m using a Sony Viao with plenty of ram (6 gigs) and a core i7 processor. Line 6 ux2 audio interface (using either gearbox or pod farm 2) to record the guitars and vocals. Also, I’m using windows 7.

If you record a third track, do tracks two and three match, not correct, but match?

Yes, still an octave lower and choppy…but yes

Are you going through a USB hub? Most Audio Interfaces require a direct shot to the computer. They don’t share well.
If you go into Audacity Preferences > Quality, what do you have for the sampling settings? Will the interface run if you selected 44100, 16-bit, Stereo and restart Audacity?

No usb hub…sample rate is at 44100hz and i was on 32 bit float. I changed it to 16 bit and still have the same results.