Obtaining an instrumental from two samples

Hi all,

I have two sound samples. They both have the same instrumental beat, but with different vocal covers. I was wondering if it was somehow possible to use the Invert technique or something similar to eradicate the vocals, and leave the instrumentals. Or, isolate the vocals, put them together, and invert them on the two beats. Yeah, I’m kind of bad at explaining things, but any feedback would be appreciated.


You didn’t say whether they were MP3 sound files. They are, right? No two MP3 files are ever identical, so that kills the cancellation trick right there. MP3 changes file structure according to content. Even in the background music started out identical, just having an additional flute in one and not the other changes everything enough to mess up cancellation.

You might stand a chance if you had high quality WAV files, but even then you’re working the wrong way up. Sound cancellation is amazingly finicky and hard to do. The much higher end sound production programs have a “only let in the common sounds” tool missing in Audacity. Also called Center Channel Isolation or Lead Singer Isolation.