I am new to using Audacity and just downloaded the plug in Nyquist
I was prompted saying Nyquist has too many audio channels returned.
What do I do in order to stop the prompt I was trying the binaural beats tones with surf 2

When running a “generator” type effect (usually from the “Generate” menu), if there is no track selected, Audacity will automatically create a track for the generated sound, but currently Audacity will only create a mono track.

The “binaural beats tones with surf 2” effect produces a stereo (2 channel) sound, which is why you are seeing that error.

The solution is:

  1. From the “Tracks” menu , create a new stereo track: “Tracks > Add New > Stereo Track”.
  2. Ensure that the stereo track is selected (highlighted)
  3. Run binaural beats tones with surf 2"