Nyquist wrapper(?)

(i.e. a compatability layer/shim that would allow you to use Nyquist plugs in hosts other than Audacity)

  • Does such a thing exist?

  • If not, would it be possible?

Just curious…

Nyquist is available as a standalone application (see here: http://audacityteam.org/help/nyquist)

Nyquist plug-ins are plain text scripts that run in the Nyquist programming language. Audacity includes a slightly cut down version of Nyquist. For Nyquist scripts to run in another application, that application would need to either, include the Nyquist programming language, or have some way of piping audio data to a standalone Nyquist and get the processed audio data back.

I guess that it might be possible for a plug-in (for example a VST or LADSPA plug-in) to pipe audio data to a modified version of Nyquist which could then return the processed audio data back to the plug-in, but I don’t think that it’s as simple as just creating a “wrapper”.

I see what you mean!

Interesting - thanks for your help :slight_smile: