Nyquist Wish List - Enhanced Text Input Widget

Nyquist’s Text Input Widget allows the “Initial Value” of a text string to be set in the plug-in, displayed in the GUI, and optionally changed by the user.

Currently, the Initial Value is simply a piece of text in the plug-in code, but it would be more useful if it could take the result of evaluating an expression.

For example, if we want to write to a file in the user’s home directory, and we have a piece of code which determines what the home directory is on the particular OS, we should be able to display the file path (i.e. the result of executing that code) as the initial value, and give the user the option of changing it.


I think the underlying problem here is that the plug-in header comments (including the ;control lines) are sent to Audacity to tell Audacity that it is a Nyquist plug-in and how to deal with the code that is to follow. This needs to be done before any Nyquist code can be run. For example, the current version of Nyquist supports Sal syntax - if Sal is used, then obviously Audacity needs to know that before running any expressions.

The ;control lines are ignored by Nyquist - as far as Nyquist is concerned they are comments.