Nyquist vs SuperCollider - Live Capabilities? Examples of Music Made w/ Nyquist?

I managed to get my first bleepblops today from Nyquist, all within an interactive Emacs buffer. Really like this set up, but I’m curious how Nyquist performs as I live instrument like SuperCollider does. I wasn’t able to find any examples on the web.

Use SuperCollider. Nyquist is pretty limited for live use, especially in Audacity.
Where Nyquist excels is in off-line use, creating, processing or analyzing audio.

Another app that you may be interested in: https://sonic-pi.net/

Thanks for the tip - I found a Common Lisp interface to Supercollider too so it should provide a similar development experience. However I think I’m going to finish the short algorithmic composition book that uses Nyquist for it’s examples, as I’d like to learn that stuff anyhow and it’s already set up.