nyquist plugin problem [CLOSED]

hi. downloaded nequist plugin for my xubuntu and i have the package already installed with my package installer. but now i’ve gotta do Something to get these plugins in my audacity. but i don’t know what. i read the instructions over and over again on the audacity wiki page. but it just won’t do anything in audacity. i know that the nequist files are in the maps on my pc. i’ve dun it a couple of times before now but i forgot. but now i’m stuck accualy. i really kneed these plugins for my recordings. does someone have the answer for me pleas ? :slight_smile:

Which version of Audacity? (look in “Help > About Audacity”)
Which Linux distribution and version?
Which Nyquist plug-ins do you wish to use, and where did you get them?

thanks for the support steve :smiley: ! i would like to use all the nyquist plugins couse the last time i installed it i had every nyquist plugin. this is where i got the nyquist files from https://packages.debian.org/wheezy/nyquist i have the Xubuntu 4.10 my and audacity version is 2.0.5 i downloaded audacity from the ubuntu software center and i re installed audacity i couple of times the last weeks. i think the audacity itself must be up to date than :slight_smile:

That is not a pack of plug-ins. That is a stand-alone version of the Nyquist programming language. It is not required and not used by Audacity. Audacity has its own version of the Nyquist programming language built in.

Audacity includes a number of Nyquist effects which are installed by default. There is a list of Nyquist plug-ins that are included with Audacity here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/effect_menu.html#nyquist_incl

thats the website where i came from. the last time i had many plugins and when i see the list of the plugins that are not including audacity then i see allot of plugins that i already had in the time. i came from like 11 maps of plugins i each map had a whole lot of effects sometimes more than 12 or more. the last time i installed the debian packs on the website link from last poste like i did now and they worked i’m really confused. could you pleas give me the links where i can downloade plugins or maybe a hole pack with plugins pleas ? cause when i downloaded audacity there whasn’t any more plugins that usual. only the standard things like amplify till the wawhah effect. and that i just not enough for me i kneed ad least as many plugins i had before. i had so many plugins like i didn’t even knew my whole list cause there was so mutch choice

Are you sure that you want Nyquist plugins? If so, see here:

To make sure you do not lose Nyquist plugins when you install/uninstall packaged versions of Audacity, create a folder called .audacity-files in your home directory, create a sub-folder called Plug-Ins, then add your plugins into that.

Might you be looking for the ladspa-swh plugins: http://plugin.org.uk/faq.php? If so, use “Ubuntu Software Centre” or Synaptic to install the ladspa-swh plugins. The packaged Audacity 2.0.5 will see those plugins when you restart it.

As Steve said, https://packages.debian.org/wheezy/nyquist does not give you any plugins.

If you give us the name of some of the plugins you had before, we may be able to identify what you want.


sorry i have salved the problem by accident. now i know what all those plugins were. thay wer ladspa plugins. and not nyquist plugins. i downloaded other software and i came back in audacity and there were back. thanks for the support i will keep the advice from the map audacity files :slight_smile: