Nyquist Plugin: Hammerhead Mod Plugin


I’ve not had chance to look at your plug-in yet, though it sounds interesting (I used Hammerhead some years ago but didn’t get as far as editing the sounds).

It’s not totally obvious, but the convention in Audacity for plug-ins that produce labels is to make them “Analyze” plug-ins.

Generate plug-ins > generate sounds - if there is no track selected, it will create one.
Effect plug-ins > process existing sounds - requires that there is a selection
Analyze plug-ins > produce data - requires that there is a selection, but do not return a sound to the selection.

Now that I’ve had time to look at your plug-in I think that making it a “Generate” plug-in is probably the best option. I imagine that it is quite useful to be able to “generate” the template without needing to select a track first.

The required format for a list (and other useful information) is described here: http://www.audacity-forum.de/download/edgar/nyquist/nyquist-doc/devel/audacity-nyquist-en.htm#return

By the way, congratulations on creating a working plug-in :slight_smile:

The code could be simplified quite a lot, and thus made a lot more efficient, by simply creating a list of lists like this

   (list 0.000000 "bank 01 (0.000000)")
   (list 0.292990 "bank 02 (0.292990)")
   (list 0.486005 "bank 03 (0.486005)")

Attached is the full code using this method.
HH-banktemplate.ny (1.23 KB)