Nyquist Noise Gate Won't Show Up in Audacity 2.0.0[SOLVED]


I’m trying to experiment a bit to get rid of mouth noise without extensive editing. I pasted the “ny” file into the plugins folder (and I unzipped it too). Nothing about noise gates shows up in the menus. The effects menu just has the good ol’ noise removal tool. The Nyquist version is either 2.1 or 3.0.



I just installed it literally from a cold start and it appears just fine.


Also upgrade to the latest Audacity 2.0.3



Did you restart Audacity after you installed the plugin?

I closed out Audacity a couple of times and restarted. Didn’t work. Then I upgraded to the latest version and it still didn’t work.

We’ll need to wait for one of the Windows elves to dig you out. Koz

Are you looking underneath the divider in the Effect Menu, near the bottom?

Edit > Preferences: Effects. Under “Enable Effects”, make sure “Nyquist” is checked.


Bingo! It took quite a bit of scrolling to find it. I thought these effects were in alphabetical order. I guess not. Thanks.

On Windows you can jump down the Effects list to find effects more quickly - for example to find “Noise Gate”, open the Effect menu them press the “N” key a few times and it will jump down to the next effect that begins with “N”.
The effects are in alphabetic order above he line, and then alphabetic below the line.

Also if you update to the latest 2.0.3 ( http://audacityteam.org/download/windows ) you can add a shortcut to any effect (above or below the divider) using the Keyboard Preferences .