Nyquist Manual

All our documentation (main SF site and Wiki) say that the Nyquist 3.02 Manual should not be used for Nyquist in Audacity. Is that still true following the upgrade to Nyquist in 1.3.8 to support SAL etc? Obviously it’s still true for 1.2.6.



I asked the same question (in passing) on the Nyquist mailing list on 1st June 2009 but there’s no answer one way or the other.

I’ve been using the 2.37 manual and there does not appear to be much (if any) difference from the 3.02 manual other than the inclusion of SAL in the 3.02 manual.
I suspect that the only people that would know for certain are Roger or Leland.

In another thread, Edgar(edgar-rtf) contributed the following:

I think the current Nyquist_3.x manual (SAL) can also be used with
Audacity_1.3.x but I’m not 100% sure because I still do not use SAL.
We need people to test this.

I think in the Audacity wiki, notes like “please use copies of the
old Nyquist/XLISP manuals for Nyquist in Audacity” should be changed
or supplemented by notes that in Audacity_1.3.x now both languages
(XLISP and SAL) can be used with Nyquist in Audacity, otherwise we
will never find out…

So we don’t yet have a definitive answer, but if anyone wants to use SAL rather than XLisp they will need a 3.x version of the manual as SAL is not included in the 2.37 version.

Three essential points about using SAL in Audacity plug-ins (from this thread http://audacity.238276.n2.nabble.com/Audacity-and-SAL-tp2264493p2264493.html )

  1. To use SAL in an Audacity plug-in the “codetype” must be set to SAL in the plug-in header:
;nyquist plug-in
;version 3
;codetype sal
  1. The plugin MUST define a function called “main” as that’s what Audacity will execute.
define function main()
  1. The plugin MUST “return” the desired result, be it, sound, string, double, or whatever.
define function main()
   return <whatever the output is>