Nyquist Cyrillic Error

If the project name contains Cyrillic, then saving does not occur.
How can this be fixed?

(setq trackname (get '*project* 'name))
(AUD-DO (format nil "Export2: Filename=~S~a~S NumChannels=~S" "C:\\Games\\" trackname ".wav" "1"))

Nyquist does not support Unicode. Nyquist code must be plain ASCII.

Thanks for the answer.
Do I understand correctly that there is no way I can correctly save a file with a non-ASCII name using Nyquist?
Even if I don’t write the characters themselves in the code?

For my task, I need to batch process files in a folder, and then save them with the same names, adding a number to the end of the name.

If I can’t do this using Nyquist, are there any workarounds?
For example, can I save the files under a temporary number, and then, using Nyquist, give the command to create a bat file in which I will write a change in the encoding of the names of these files.

Nyquist determines the correct name, but not the correct encoding.

Or maybe it is possible to save files with a name in transcription? Can this be done using Nyquist?

Character encoding is a very complicated and thorny issue.

The official line is that Nyquist is an ASCII app, so always use ASCII.

However, Nyquist does attempt to support Unicode characters in strings as byte sequences, but without full Unicode support it is not possible to support all printable characters in all character encodings because a multi-byte character sequence in one encoding may be a different character in another encoding. I don’t recall all of the details (it’s very complicated), but if I recall correctly, printable UTF-8 characters should work in strings.

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