Nyquist Basics: Changing the Volume in SAL

So I don’t know if the issue is me, Nyquist, or the manual/wiki, but in 2.4.2, when I copy this line:

return scale(0.5, s)

from the wiki here: Nyquist Basics: Changing the Volume in SAL

into the Nyquist prompt, it doesn’t seem to do anything.

However, noticing (and checking) the box labelled “Use legacy (version 3) syntax” fixes the problem. :slight_smile:

Are we waiting for the wiki to get updated with new syntax, a footnote, is SAL being deprecated, or am I missing something ? :confused:

I note that

(scale 0.5 *track*)

from Nyquist Basics: Changing the Volume does seem to work as advertised. :smiley:

We were waiting for someone to notice :smiley:

Thanks for raising it. I’ve updated that page.

:laughing: :wink:

You are welcome; that does the trick, thank you. :exclamation: :smiley:

I imagine you were waiting for someone to notice these, too. :wink:
Nyquist Basics: Changing the volume of the left and right stereo channels independently
Nyquist Basics: Adding a Delay Effect
Nyquist Basics: The Audacity Nyquist Prompt With SAL
Introduction to Nyquist and Lisp Programming
also, there are a dozen or so backslash strings e.g., “\xe2” on this last page.

If you want me to take a stab at fixing these, I suppose I could (although I’m not sure I remember how)…, let me know…

Also note that in many of the nyquist pages spread thoughout the documentation, there is a leading space, which tends to make them inoperative when testing them out with nyquist prompt, for example.

Updated. Please check.

This one is in the manual which cannot be edited.

The pre-release “alpha manual” is editable, but the only occurrence I found was:

n-th root of a sound s:

return s-exp(s-log(s) * (1.0 / n)) ;; in SAL
(s-exp (mult (s-log s) (/ 1.0 n))) ;; in LISP


where both "s" and "n" are arbitrary symbols for "a sound" and "a number".
Have I missed "S" as the special *track* symbol on that page?

Thanks for looking at these. :smiley: The pages don’t seem to be updated yet. I’ll check again later…

It took quite a while… :smiley:

:smiley: Looking good, but on the SAL page, the Simple Examples could be updated.