nVIDIA USB controller chips

I’ve noticed that quite a few people using USB audio devices have problems with latency and audio drop-outs, while other people use the same devices with no problems at all - So, I’ve been doing a bit of searching, and found this from Tascam:

PCs with nVIDIA USB controller chips may not offer optimum performance for
audio streaming over USB 2.0, resulting in audio artifacts. A higher latency
setting or the addition of a non-nVIDIA USB 2.0 card is required.
o To find out what controller chip your PC uses:
ƒ Go to START > Control Panel > System
ƒ Click on the Hardware tab, then the Device Manager button
ƒ Click the “+” (plus) sign next to Universal Serial Bus Controllers
ƒ You will see the chip manufacturer of all installed USB controllers

This could perhaps be the root of some peoples audio problems - I think that it’s certainly worth checking out when these issues come up.

Hopefully this will be some help.

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