Numeric value in amplify effect

You could if you are able to - if wx3 fixes it, at least it would mean that we might not have to take any action. I cannot reproduce the issue with either “English US” layout on Ubuntu 14.04 with Audacity HEAD built with wx3.0.2.

I don’t have Audacity 2.1.1 built with wx2.8.12 right now.


I’ve rebuilt 2.1.1 with wx2.8.12 and I can confirm the issue there exactly as you describe (in UK and US English).

Audacity built with wx3.0.2 could be somewhat unstable for a week or two - we are still working out bugs due to the transition to the later wxWidgets version. I definitely would not build 2.1.1 release with wx3.0.2 as that has almost no wx3 fixes.

So you may want to wait for 2.1.2 release sometime at end of September/possibly early October which will require wx3.0.2.


Unfortunately, Audacity 2.1.1 throws errors related to wxwidgets when trying to compile it with wx3.0.2, so I am unable to test if it resolves the numpad issue in version 2.1.1. I can, however, confirm that the current git pull does fix the numpad issue.