numbering tracks I'm working with

I am running Audacity 2.4.2, Windows 10.
I have a dozen or more tracks that I am in the process of recording. I have yet to find a way to number or otherwise identify which track is which. I want to be able to move them around, then sort them back to the original order. From some of the questions on this forum I see that some people have numbered their tracks, but they don’t identify how they did that.
Thanks for any help.

Click on the track name (top of the panel on the left end of the track).
Then select “Name” (top item in the pop-up menu).
Enter the name that you want for the track and click “OK”.

Optional: There’s an option in Preferences to “Show audio track name as overlay” (image below)

First Track000.png

At the top of the Track Control Panel, there is a drop-down arrow that allows you to change the name of the track. Then you can use the Tracks > Sort Tracks command from the Menu Bar.